The New Normal of Israel Being a Light to the Nations

Israel has been leading the world in the fight against COVID-19, and even the UN is recognizing it

By Yossi Aloni | | Topics: Light to the Nations, Coronavirus
Israel leads UN video conferences to combat coronavirus.
Photo: Israel Ministry of Health

As the United Nations shifts its activities to online communications, Israel initiated and lead two special conferences for the international community on the fight against the coronavirus.

The meetings were attended by UN ambassadors, World Health Organization workers and dozens of diplomatic delegations from around the world. At the center of the important summits were Moshe Bar Siman-Tov, the Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Health, and Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon. The two instructed the international diplomats on ways of slowing down the rate of corona proliferation as well as the use of anti-virus technologies.

“The drastic measures taken by Israel at the beginning of the crisis saved many lives,” Ambassador Danon said. “The steps we took have been proven on the ground under the guidance of our many professionals and experts. We are here today to discuss the ways to fight the epidemic and share our knowledge with you,” Danon told the diplomats.

The digital conference was broadcast live on social networks and garnered hundreds of views. During the broadcast ambassadors directed questions at Danon and Bar Siman-Tov.

Nigerian Ambassador Samson Itabju welcomed the Israeli initiative and asked what steps are needed to prevent the outbreak of future viruses and how Israel is helping developing countries fight the current pandemic. “Israel is trying to provide assistance to its neighbors under the radar, replied Bar Siman-Tov. Israel assists many countries around the world, including arch-enemy Middle East Muslim countries that will not acknowledge the help they receive from the Jewish nation for fear of political and even Islamic terrorist retribution.

Hungarian Ambassador Katlin Bogai asked how Israel is working with people with disabilities. Israel is one of the world’s leaders in rehabilitation, occupational therapy and access for the disabled. Remember the moving performance of Israel’s Shalva band at last year’s Eurovision? The Czech ambassador was interested in Israel’s progress toward developing a vaccination, and the ambassador from Guatemala asked when Israel would open its borders to allow tourists to return to Jerusalem.

Just another day in the life of Israel being a light to the nations. See also “How Israel Beats Corona”


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