The Ominous Sign of Malia Bouattia’s Election

UK student union election shows how once-fringe anti-Jewish conspiracy theories are now becoming mainstream

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Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS) has elected Malia Bouattia as its president, and that is an ominous sign demonstrating just how easily the pro-Palestine crowd can turn hostile and even violent against Israel.

Bouattia is not only the first black Muslim president, a fact that in and of itself could be considered benign. She is also a malicious anti-Zionist activist who uses all the trendiest PC buzz words to promote her hatred of Israel.

She believes that “mainstream Zionist-led media outlets” are opposing her “uncompromising, anti-colonialist approach to the occupation of Palestine.” She dreams about the emancipation of all “colonized people,” but especially of the Palestinians. As a supporter in the “struggle against white supremacy,” she doesn’t like the way non-whites have “internalized anti-blackness” and “Islamophobia.”

Though taking the palatable appearance of a moderate, enlightened Muslim, Bouattia is in actuality a militant and unpleasant persona. 

In campaigning for NUS presidency at an event dedicated to “Gaza and the Palestinian revolution”(Sep. 2014), Bouattia explained why she is worthy to be the student body’s new head. Most important for her, and by implication for the body of students she would represent, is the advancement of the anti-Zionist agenda. “To consider that Palestine will be free only by means of … non-violent protest … is problematic”. Boycott, she explained, “can be misunderstood as the alternative to resistance by the Palestinian people.”

The video of her speech, so reports The Tab (“a grassroots network of reporters who care about originality and know the value of real journalism”), was removed from YouTube, but following this week’s election it has been restored to the website.

As a confederation of 600 student unions representing 95 percent of all higher and further education unions in the UK, the NUS represents no less than seven million students. The election of Bouattia therefore is a clear indication of what Britain’s next generation is thinking about Israel. 

Though they’ll swear to not being anti-Semites, by accepting the notion that Israel is a white colonial entity, and as such must be fought against by every possible means (including armed struggle), the NUS is effectively saying that they have accepted the false Palestinian narrative lock, stock and barrel. 

And in so doing the NUS has become a willful participant in the effort to put an end to the Jewish state. 

While they conveniently use the term “Zionist” to sidestep charges of anti-Semitism, a declared policy that calls for an end to the Zionist state is anti-Semitic, and should be deplored by those who claim to be building a better world.

As of yet, the young minds of Britain don’t seem to get it.


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