“The truth frees us from lies” Courtesy Mohammed Massad

“The truth frees us from lies”

Israel Today’s shocking interview with ex-Palestinian terrorist Mohammed Massad


“We have not suffered from any ‘occupation’ as much as from our own occupation by the Palestinian Authority.” This according to former terrorist Mohammed Massad (46), from the Palestinian village of Burqin, not far from Jenin. Appearing in a video with Jewish settlement leader Yossi Dagan, the two explain why President Trump is the better choice for the peoples of the Middle East. “In the last four years under Trump, there has been more calm in our region than ever before.”

Today, Massad has initiated his peace project and wants to plant one million olive trees in Israel. When he heard about our olive groves in the desert, he was thrilled and asked me if we could do something together. “Why not?” I responded.


The Charge of an Israeli Conquest is a Massive Lie

“The use of the term ‘conquest‘ is the biggest lie to be promoted on the planet,” Massad tells me. “The truth must be told, because it frees us from the lies!” In our interview, Massad explained to me why his own Palestinian leadership is the Palestinians’ greatest enemy, not Israel. As a young man, he had been a member of the Black Panthers, a Fatah terrorist cell in Samaria. During the First Intifada (1987-1992) like many Palestinians he was a stone-throwing, Molotov Cocktail-hurling active participant. In 1991, he turned 16. With three other terrorists, he kidnapped an Israeli motorist in Afula. Their plan failed and the Israeli was set free. Massad was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison. He was released after two years following the Madrid Conference. He then served for a short time as a member of the Palestinian security force.

“When I was young, I wanted to kill all Jews…”

“When I was young, I wanted to kill the Jews and drive them out of the country. I idolized terrorist mastermind Yahya Ayyash. He tried to persuade me and my friends to carry out kidnappings and suicide bombings. But I didn’t want to kill myself.” Yahya Ayyash was one of the most notorious terrorists and bomb makers, responsible for the killing of more than 60 Israeli victims. “We were young and we were brainwashed. The fact that I am still alive today is a miracle.”


Palestine Leaders are Crooks

“Over time, I have come to realize that our Palestinian leadership is not a liberation organization, but a corrupt gang and mafia that only wants to enrich itself,” charged Massad. Over time, his disappointment with the PLO leadership grew as he watched the increasing abuse of its own people. Losing hope that the Palestinian leadership would ever change, Massad begin working illegally in construction in Israel and publicly criticizing the PLO and PA. This led to his arrest in Jenin, under suspicion by the Palestinian security service of collaborating with Israel. “For 23 days I was interrogated and tortured. Those 23 days in Jenin were more terrible than all of my time in the Israeli prison. All the accusations against me were lies, and eventually I was acquitted. I didn’t leave my room for nine months. I was totally traumatized.” That was in the summer of 1997.

For Massad, this experience was a turning point. “The PLO and PA are a flop, and provide no hope. They are a threat to the Palestinian people. Not only that, terror is not a helpful tool for liberation, but an obstacle to our people,” Massad stresses.

Certificate of Recognition

A few years later he moved to Haifa, where he married and is now the father of seven children. In 2002, he received a state certificate of recognition after saving the life of an Israeli soldier when he was nearly lynched by Palestinians near Jenin. “Killing helps nobody, not you and not us.”

Massad has written a book in which, citing hadiths and interpretations by Islamic scholars, he tells his people that the Koran prohibits suicide attacks. The title of the book is “Islam – the Danger.”

“Believe me, a Muslim suicide bomber will not go to heaven if he kills Jews and himself. That is a lie and I explain that in the book. This is brainwashing for political purposes, from which only terrorist leaders benefit. They don’t blow themselves up, they’re looking for young people like myself, many years ago.” For the book, he even contacted the Islamic jurist, author and television preacher Yusuf Abdallah al-Qaradawi, who is considered one of the founders of the Muslim Brotherhood.


The PLO Has Opened Our Eyes

“The PLO’s return to the Palestinian territories has done me and the State of Israel a great favor. This opened our eyes to who these people really are. These are thugs who are not concerned with the well-being of the people or the country, but only with their own well-being. And I once adored these people when they were still based in Beirut and Tunisia. Listen, my brother, I was ready to sacrifice my life for the PLO leaders. But they have shown me that they are not worth it and have done me a favor and saved my life,” says Massad.

“Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and his two sons, Yasser and Tarek, as well as the Fatah leadership in Ramallah, have all stolen billions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian people over the years,” he confirmed in the interview. “With the money, they set up private trading companies or transferred the money to private bank accounts abroad. The Abbas family must be brought to justice.”

Together with Jewish settler leader Yossi Dagan, Mohammad turned to the Supreme Court in May to demand a cut in payments to the PA.

What Mohammad Massad is publicly admitting is the same thing I’ve been hearing from all the Palestinians that I know. Everyone is complaining, but not openly. At the same time, Massad blames not only his Palestinian leadership for their corrupt rule, but also Israel’s radical left-wing organizations that cooperate with it.


Leave us Alone!

“Listen, Aviel! I say enough is enough! The Palestinian gang has lied to us enough. The Palestinian gang has fooled us enough. The Palestinian gang stole enough from us. Get out and leave us alone. We can do much better without you guys. We want to finally live in peace with Israel.”


Mohammed Massad today

Israel Today: Tell me Mohammad, what do you think of Bibi?

Massad: He is the king. Israel’s hero.


What do you think of Israel’s new peace treaties with the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan?

This is very good. And I hope that many more Arab countries will join in and make peace with Israel, such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and others. The best thing is that Bibi did not give up any land to the gang in Ramallah.


And what would you say to the 15 Arab Knesset members who voted against Israel’s peace agreements?

These Arabs in the Israeli Knesset do not represent me, nor are they the representatives of the Arab people in Israel. These are sponsors of terrorism and colleagues of a corrupt Palestinian government.


What is your opinion of the Jewish settler movement in Judea and Samaria? Is it an obstacle to peace or a blessing for both peoples?

The Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria are the anchor of security for both peoples, Jews and Palestinians in the territories. The mistake Israel made in the Gaza Strip with the evacuation of the settlers must not be repeated. We all see that this led to a terrorist haven.


Mohammad, in all honesty, how many Palestinians think like you?

Ninety-eight percent of Palestinians would agree with what I’m saying. The remaining two percent are the rulers, the terrorist gangs and crooks. And believe me, I am in touch with many people in Judea and Samaria, but also in the Gaza Strip. I know how they think and feel. Unfortunately, most are afraid to speak the truth.


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