Members“The truth frees us from lies”

Israel Today’s shocking interview with ex-Palestinian terrorist Mohammed Massad

By Aviel Schneider |
Photo: Courtesy Mohammed Massad

“We have not suffered from any ‘occupation’ as much as from our own occupation by the Palestinian Authority.” This according to former terrorist Mohammed Massad (46), from the Palestinian village of Burqin, not far from Jenin. Appearing in a video with Jewish settlement leader Yossi Dagan, the two explain why President Trump is the better choice for the peoples of the Middle East. “In the last four years under Trump, there has been more calm in our region than ever before.”

Today, Massad has initiated his peace project and wants to plant one million olive trees in Israel. When he heard about our olive groves in the desert, he was thrilled and asked me if we could do something together. “Why not?” I responded.


The Charge of an Israeli Conquest is a Massive Lie

“The use of the term ‘conquest‘ is the biggest lie to be promoted on the planet,” Massad tells me. “The truth must be told, because it frees us from the lies!” In our interview, Massad explained to me why his own Palestinian leadership is...

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