Jordan King Abdullah II EPA-EFE/MOHAMMAD ALI
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The Tweet That Rocked the Arab World

The story behind Israel Today correspondent’s tweet warning of the attempted coup in Jordan

by Israel Today Staff

On April 3, Jordanian authorities announced the arrest of dozens of figures associated with Prince Hamza, former heir to the throne of the Hashemite kingdom. Hamza, son of the late King Hussein, is half-brother to the current King Abdullah II. He is the son of Queen Nur, and had a falling out with his brother that reports say lead to a failed coup attempt.

Two days before, just after midnight, Israel Today Middle East correspondent Edy Cohen received information from his sources regarding the prince’s coup. “To be honest, there were a lot of doubts and I wondered if I should publish the information,” Cohen said.

Cohen has almost 428,000 followers on Twitter, most of them from Arab countries. Most follow Cohen not because they love him, or Israel, or the Jews, but because they know that the Jews (Cohen) do not lie. They get reliable information from Edy and understand that he has no interest in spreading the kind of fake news that is so prevalent in the Arab world. In general, Arabs do not trust their...


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