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A recap at some of the weeks major events and reports you don’t want to miss

By David Lazarus |
Israelis on the streets of Tel Aviv, after a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was agreed upon and has been in effect for the past week. May 25, 2021. Photo by Miriam Alster/FLASH90 *** Local Caption *** ?? ???? ??????? ????? ?? ??? ??????? Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90


“Constant change is here to stay,” a good friend of mine used to say, and that is certainly true here in Israel. Once again we found ourselves faced with profound upheavals this week, both bitter and sweet, all of which kept us alert as “Guardians of the Walls.”


Hamas took the bait

To begin with it is such a relief that the bombings of our cities has ceased, at least for the meantime. The decoy that the IDF managed to pull off by sending troops and tanks to line up at the border with Gaza to make it look like they were storm in with boots and tanks on the ground worked wonders. Even the soldiers on the field thought they were about to charge, and social media was filled with speculation about a major ground attack. Of course the local media and the international press with their eyes on every move Israel makes opened with headlines describing Israel’s imminent incursion into the Muslim enclave.

But alas, the IDF had planned the whole thing to convince Hamas they were coming for them and lured the leading Hamas commanders to the Metro, a miles long system of tunnels designed to protect them from an IDF incursion. Once they were all cowered in their underground caverns, the Israeli Airforce pounded the area with approximately 450 bombs from over 100 fighter jets dropping missiles in a flyover that took just 45-minutes. One can only imagine the shock, horror, and fear this struck into the hearts of the Hamas leaders and it was no surprise that within a few days they cried for a ceasefire.

Way to go IDF for combining a massive misinformation tactic during 24 hours igniting social media and the press to exact a punishing blow to the terrorists. Israel’s army is smart.

Read the story as reported: Israeli Army Lures Hamas Into Death Trap | Israel Today

Many Israelis cannot understand why the army is not allowed to completely eradicate Hamas. Given the political will, there does not seem to be any reason the IDF could not completely disarm and dismantle the terrorist organization, and there are many voices in Israel calling for the utter destruction of Hamas. Here are two article from this week reflecting these sentiments.


Join the battle for Israel

During all this anti-Israel hackers attacked Israel Today and managed to slow down our website for more than a week. We are thankful for Rafi, our IT manager who kept us live so that we could keep reporting on these significant events. This has forced us to become more active on social media and encourage folks to stand together for Israel in the social media wars. Get involved with us: We Will NOT Be Silenced!

We also want to give a shout-out to all of you who wrote in and expressed your support and care for Israel during these days of turmoil. We thank you and the God of Israel who “never sleeps nor slumbers” (takes naps :).


Watch live tour of the Temple Mount

We had an amazing Tour of the Temple Mount on Zoom this past week with Sharona Limon. According to the many letters and comments we received, this was one of the best tours yet and with all the rioting and commotions around Jerusalem and the EL Aksa Mosque these days, this tour was right on time and gave us some important insights through archeology and history concerning the current battle over Jerusalem. Members can watch the recording of Tour the Temple Mount With Israel Today


Recommended article

I want to recommend taking a few minutes to read this week’s Chief Editor Aviel Schneider’s article “Without Unity, No Jerusalem” which gives us a fascinating look at how the Bible reflects on every day, real-world events here in Israel. Israel Today is a Jerusalem based Zionist news agency founded to bring a biblical dimension to journalism on Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world and this is the kind of thoughtful stories we are proud to publish together with our wide variety of exclusive reporting from the streets of Israel and this article does a great job of “holding the news in one hand and the Bible in the other.”

Read it here: Without Unity, No Jerusalem.


What’s with Sheikh Jarrah?

Our Jordanian correspondent Rami Dabbas provided us with an insiders look at how many Arabs see the conflict around the now infamous village of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem, and it is certainly not what is being reported in the mainstream media.


Our newest correspondent Rachel Avraham is an orthodox Jewess with expertise in Middle East policy and contacts throughout the Arab world including the Palestinians. She is also an excellent journalist which is a unique combination. As Anat Schneider mentioned, it’s great to have another female voice on the team! We love to get reports about people, movements and government policy not reported in the mainstream media. Rachel is already getting some nice insights for us this week with Iran’s Connection to the Palestinian Uprising and Ayoob Kara: Israel’s Druze Warrior


The Jewish Messiah

Another new writer for Israel Today is Solomon Natar, a young man from Jerusalem with degrees in International Relations, and Jewish Thought from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He has produced a major work in Hebrew on Jewish Messianism which can help us understand the concept of Messiah in Jewish thinking and a deeper understanding of what’s new, if anything, in the New Testament description of the Messiah and insights into the Jewish background of Yeshua.

Here is the 5th installment from this week: Normative Messianism in Judaism by Talmudic Discourse


Finally, as seen in the headline picture, Israel is getting back to its a-normal self. The government has announced that on June 1 Israel will remove all Coronavirus restrictions just in time for the warm spring-summer weather. The Ben Gurion Airport is now open for business and we expect the first tourist to be arriving soon and the Israelis are already gearing up for your arrival! Advocate and friend of Israel Today Joshua Pex gives us an update on the New Immigration situation in Aliyah to Israel in 2021; Covid-19, Gaza war & civil unrest


There is something extraordinary about Israel and the Jewish People’s ability throughout history to bounce back from the most devastating events which inspired me to pen Israel’s Heroic Normalcy


Be blessed and Shabbat Shalom,

David Lazarus for Israel Today


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