MembersTomato-Lemon Sauce for Fish Dishes


By Yagil Yitzhakov |
Photo: Yagil Yitzhakov

This special sauce is very sharp, and that is to stimulate our taste buds.


Chef Yagil’s Tips


1. To more easily peel the bell peppers, put your oven on medium-high heat, wash the peppers and place in a disposable aluminum container. Char on all sides and then close inside a paper bag from the supermarket. Allow to cool to room temperature and then peel the pepper like a banana.


2. For adults and those who like their food spicy, the addition of a hot chili pepper is highly recommended. In fact, to me it is essential.


3. Fresh tomatoes will always taste better than canned.




3 bell peppers of different colors, peeled and cut into strips

3 cups crushed tomatoes (fresh or canned)

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