MembersTrump Takes Support for Israel to a New Level

When US President Donald Trump made strong statements of support for Israel during the election campaign, Israelis wanted more than anything to believe him.

By Israel Today Staff |
THUMBS UP: Strang believes Trump’s support for Israel is genuine

But we’d heard it all before. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama (though certainly not as adamantly) and George W. Bush had all made similar statements and promises.


Then Trump started making moves, maverick in nature, that suggested he may be the real deal. He began to genuinely explore moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he appointed a new US ambassador who actually supports the Jewish settlements, and he declared war on a biased mainstream media that have for years painted Israel as an illegitimate occupier.


Israel Today editor Ryan Jones spoke to three strong Christian voices in the American media to better understand what Israel can expect from President Trump.


Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian originally from Lebanon, is a conservative American journalist, author, political lecturer, anti-Islamic activist, and founder of ACT! for America.

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