UN Fails to Officially Condemn Hamas

World body routinely condemns Israel, but declines to condemn a group most nations consider a terrorist organization

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The United Nations has failed to officially condemn Hamas, even after the US and Israel managed to garner a strong majority in the General Assembly for a resolution doing just that.

Typically, such resolutions require a simple majority to pass. But the General Assembly decided that a two-thirds majority would be required for it to condemn a group that most of the world considers a terrorist organization. Simple majorities are the order of the day for the regular anti-Israel resolutions brought before the chamber. In the above video, US Ambassador Nikki Haley decried this clear example of bias.

Even so, the resolution received a “yes” vote from 87 nations, while 57 voted against and 32 abstained.

This, said Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was a victory, considering that such a firm majority of the international community was willing to stand up and call out a group that exists for the sole purpose of destroying Israel.

Also celebrating were Israel’s supposed peace partners in the Palestinian Authority, which saw the outcome as yet another censure of the Jewish state, as well as Hamas, which called the failure to pass the resolution a slap in the face of US President Donald Trump and his pro-Israel policies.

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