MembersUnderstanding the UN Blacklist of Israeli Companies

Targeting Israeli companies that employ primarily Palestinians only serves to keep the latter in poverty

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: palestinians, BDS
UN blacklist of Israeli companies will hurt Palestinians more than anyone.
Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

The UN Human Rights Council recently decided to publish a long-awaited list of 112 Israeli businesses that are linked to Jewish settlements in the so-called “West Bank.” An unfortunate move that constitutes a capitulation to the BDS movement, it is an unfriendly reminder of dark periods reminiscent of the Second World War.

Ironically, this highly political decision won’t hurt Israel as intended, but rather will undermine the livelihood of many Palestinians that, due to lack of employment opportunity in Palestinian-governed areas, make their living by working for these same Israeli businesses.

After the Palestinian leadership declined the invitation to participate in the US-led economic conference in Bahrain in June 2019, outright rejected the economic incentives offered in President Trump’s ‘Deal of a Century’, including its plans to naturalize Palestinian refugees currently living under minimal conditions in surrounding Arab countries, the UN only adds to the detriment of suffering Palestinians by damaging their source of income.


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