US VP Mike Pence to Include Israel in Pro-Christian Mideast Tour

Stop in Jewish state will highlight the one place in the Middle East where Christians flourish

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US Vice President Mike Pence will be visiting the Middle East in December to promote the safety and security of Christian minorities currently facing widespread persecution in the region.

Pence made the announcement last week during his keynote remarks at the "In Defense of Christians" annual solidarity dinner.

"Now is the time to bring an end the persecution of Christians and all religious minorities," Pence said of his upcoming trip.

Pence will also be visiting Israel, the one place the Middle East where Christians are flourishing. It will serve as a stark contrast to how Christians are treated in neighboring Muslim nations.

He is also expected to address US policy toward Iran and highlight Israel’s space program.

Pence is viewed by many as one of the most pro-Israel Christians to ever hold high office in the United States, and the prospect of him one day becoming president is exciting, to say the least, for Israelis.

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