VIDEO: Bethlehem Priest Stabbed While Protecting Christian Tourists

Israelis commenting on video are frustrated that the world still blames them for dwindling Christian numbers

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The following video clip is making the rounds on Israeli social media, where folks are none-too-pleased with claims that Israel is the reason for the dwindling Christian population in the Palestinian-controlled territories, while incidents like these are completely ignored.

The footage was taken from a security camera at the entrance to a church or monastery in Bethlehem. Several foreign Christian tourists are seen being harassed by at least two young Palestinian men. A local monk or priest quickly opens the gate and offers them shelter, before chastising the assailants.

One of the young Palestinian men is having none of being told what to do by a Christian, and so pulls out a knife and stabs the priest through the gate.

The timestamp reveals that this happened on Friday, June 1.

Many of the comments on the video came from Israelis who are frustrated that such attacks receive absolutely zero coverage in the Western media, which is at the same time only too happy to present a Palestinian narrative that claims Israel is the source of all Christian woes.

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