VIDEO: Do You Support Israel?

Messianic IDF soldier puts together montage of Christians around the world who love and support Israel

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Hananya Naftali, a Messianic Jewish soldier serving in the IDF, has put out another YouTube video featuring Christians from around the world who proudly support Israel.

In the opening of the video (below) Naftali notes that while most people in the world hate Israel, the vast majority of them never even visited the Jewish state before forming their hostile opinion.

Instead, far too many people have allowed a biased media to wholly turn them against Israel, and that goes for a large percentage of Christians, too.

In an effort to counter this, and to bring some much needed encouragement to fellow Israelis, Naftali asked his own YouTube viewers to send in short clips saying who they are, where they’re from, and why they love and support Israel.

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