VIDEO: Jordanian Lawmaker Salutes Palestinian Terrorist Who Killed 2 Israelis

Israel is often criticized for being an obstacle to peace, but what about the Arabs celebrating the murder of Jews?

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These are Israel's supposed peace partners.

Jordanian Member of Parliament Khalil Atiyah on Monday interrupted official proceedings to stand and salute the Palestinian Arab terrorist who on Sunday morning had murdered a young Israeli soldier and a Jewish father of twelve.

As Atiyah stood and saluted, he said:

"I bless the Palestinian people, the residents of Jerusalem and the women who guard the Al Aqsa Mosque in dear Palestine [sic]. And I stand to salute the Palestinian hero Omar Abu Laila who carried out the attack in [Ariel], where he killed Jews yesterday. I salute you, hero, and may Allah bless you."

Earlier, Palestinians residents of Hamas-ruled Gaza celebrated the Ariel attack by passing out sweets, as they traditionally do following the murder of Jews.

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