VIDEO: Messianic Soldier Shares Induction As IDF Medic

New IDF medics must swear to heal even their enemies, and to be their brothers’ keepers

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Our favorite Israeli Messianic soldier is back with a video sharing his recent induction as a combat medic in the IDF.

In the video, Hananya Naftali translates into English the oath every IDF medic must swear upon his or her induction.

As part of the oath, IDF medics vow to “lend a helping hand” to any and all, “be they friend or foe.”

We have certainly seen this demonstrated by IDF medics who don’t hesitate to provide life-giving assistance to Palestinian terrorists and Syrian jihadists, despite the fact that those patients would love nothing more than to see Israel burn.

Naftali notes that he and fellow graduating medics discussed this part of the oath in depth. “Some had trouble accepting” the need to offer the same help to friend or foe, he explains. “But these are the rules of the IDF, and we have to submit to orders. It just shows the humanity of the [Israeli] army, which is amazing, in my eyes.”

Another poignant portion of the oath echoes the Bible in promising to “be my brother’s keeper.”

Watch the video:

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