MembersVoices from Lebanon – a Country Under Fire

Lebanon is already in the grips of a deep economic and political crisis, teetering on the brink of famine and chaos

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Lebanon

Edy Cohen brings Israel Today readers reports directly from the original Arabic. These are quotes from people suffering, on the ground in Lebanon. “Up until now, somehow we are getting along; it’s not clear how long we can keep holding… we are not planning to have any more children because of the economic conditions.” “In Lebanon anything can happen. There is no government, no state, no people. We are… barely alive. The truth is we deserve it. We deserve it because we are not a nation that produces internal national production. We have no agriculture, no industry.” “The solution to Lebanon’s problems is for the government to support the people, and for the dollar exchange rate to go down. It’s at 8000 pounds = 1 dollar… impossible to comprehend. How much lower can it go?” “The entire Lebanese people have been hurt by the [high] cost of living. But the truth is that we have brought this situation on ourselves. We are guilty. When everyone is silent this is what happens. When everyone blindly devotes themselves to supporting this or...

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