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The economic development of the Holy Land is a modern miracle that is happening right before our eyes. Despite very difficult conditions, ongoing conflicts and the influx of millions of Jewish refugees, Israel managed to become the world’s innovation engine, which has more companies listed on the NASDAQ Technology Sector than Europe, Japan, South Korea and India combined.

This success has earned Israel the nickname “Startup Nation.” And although the source of new innovation does not seem to run dry, the Jewish state is entering a new economic phase today, because Israel is now also beginning to be called the “unicorn nation.” “Unicorns” are companies worth more than a billion US dollars. As the name suggests, such companies are actually very rare, but in Israel more and more startups are becoming unicorns.

Which Israeli company will be the next unicorn?

Those who can answer this question early enough can potentially make a lot of money by investing in such a company.

Israel Today it building bridges between our readers and the Israeli startups, because whoever blesses Israel can also benefit materially from it. A minimum investment is $25,000 is required, and as with all investments there is of course some risk involved.

We present two Israeli startups that are currently looking for investors. Israel Today has partnered with ExitValley, which enables everyone to invest in Israel’s startup ecosystem and share in its success. If you are interested in investing in any of these companies, write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

Sol Chip

The startup Sol Chip has developed a tiny solar chip that is smaller than a coin. This chip does not require batteries as it is powered by a solar cell that acts as a constant source of energy.

So far, the company has developed a sensor system based on this solar chip, which is used in agriculture to enable precise irrigation and care of plants. Since this chip and the respective hardware do not require batteries, they can be operated permanently and with little effort.

Sol Chip has already signed a contract with Netafim. This company, the world’s largest supplier of irrigation systems, has now added solar chips to its range. The Golan Winery, one of the largest wineries in Israel, also uses Sol Chip to tend its vines.

In addition to agricultural use, there are countless other areas in which a solar chip can be used, which means for Sol Chip its biggest growth is still ahead.



The hi-tech company Youtiligent has developed an intelligent connection for machines that connects them to the Internet without any major installation processes. Thanks to the company’s proprietary algorithm, the processes in the machines can be monitored precisely.

This algorithm observes, for example, a production machine or a cold room for medicines and records a kind of “electrical heartbeat” of the system. Before disturbances occur, this heartbeat normally changes and the system can issue a warning before production comes to a standstill, thus, for example, saving expensive drugs from spoiling.

All this and more is made possible by a simple but very intelligent connection between the device and the power connection. Since this connection is made directly with a cable, no wifi is required, so the highest level of reliability is guaranteed.

So far, Youtiligent has won a number of well-known customers, including Nestle, McDonalds and Nespresso, but its technology can capture far more market share if it has the capital to do so.

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