What Has Israel Done For You Lately?

Israel is often criticized for employing disproportionate force, but it also disproportionately helps the world

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Most of the mainstream news regarding Israel is related to conflict, but year after year Israel punches far above its weight in a wide range of other areas. Sadly, far too little of that receives significant media coverage.

Jerusalem Online recently ran an op-ed listing the five top ways that the author of that piece felt Israel had helped the world in 2015.

A summary of that list is as follows:

  1. Israel continues to aid the victims of Syria’s civil war both by granting entry to those in need of urgent medical care and by sending aid teams to refugee camps throughout Europe;
  2. Israeli intelligence played a key role in thwarting a massive ISIS terrorist attack in Germany last November;
  3. Israel was one of the first on the ground and provided a disproportionate amount of assistance when an earthquake ravaged the nation of Nepal;
  4. Israel fed the entire population of Vanuato for a full month after a tropical cyclone devastated the tiny island nation last March;
  5. Israel leads in the battle against the global water crisis by providing innovative solutions to over 150 nations where water is far too scarce.

Of course, this list is by no means comprehensive. Despite Israel’s tiny size, minuscule population and lack of significant natural resources, it routinely contributes disproportionately to the good of the international community.

PHOTO: Israeli soldiers load rescue equipment onto a plane before being dispatched to Nepal following a massive earthquake (Flash90)

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