Where are the Leaders When Injustice Cries Out? Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
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Where are the Leaders When Injustice Cries Out?

According to the Jewish sages, these are the basic qualities necessary for true and effective leadership


Part 8 in Jewish Wisdom for the Everyday Man: a “guide for the perplexed” through the modern maze of morality from ancient Jewish Sages.

Citizens in Israel and around the world are crying out in protests and demonstrations for civil rights, judicial reforms and justice. What should our prime ministers and presidents do about it? Based on the Bible, Jewish sages had plenty to say about the qualities necessary to be a upright leader.

What can you say?

Common sense tells us that a great leader must be charismatic and be able to lead with exceptional communication skills. Yet, the greatest leader of all in Jewish tradition had a speech impediment. Moses either stuttered or spoke with a lisp, a disability he was embarrassed by and self-conscious about (Ex. 3:2,10-11).

How is it that Moses became one of the greatest of all Jewish leaders with such a speech defect? The sages concluded that the Torah is teaching us that leadership is not how you speak, but what…