MembersWhere in the Mideast Does Israel Still Have a Friend?

Some Jews are even moving back to the one place in the region where Muslims genuinely appreciate and love them

By Edy Cohen |
The Kurdish people, despite being Muslims, genuinely love Israel and the Jews
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

More than 500 Jewish families came together in their synagogue, surrounded by Muslims, to celebrate and thank God for the miracle of how He protects His people Israel in every place at all times. This is perhaps the only place in the Middle East, outside of Israel, where the Hanukkah candles shined brightly for 8 days for all to see.

Far from the State of Israel, this small Jewish community has been living quietly in coexistence with the local Muslims for centuries. This is the only place in the history of the Middle East, except of course in Israel, where Christians, Muslims and Jews live peacefully without persecution or fear of annihilation.

This is, of course, Kurdistan, a territory where tens of thousands of Jews lived before Iraq declared war and spread antisemitism under the regime of Saddam Hussein. In the midst of all that violent turmoil, the only ones who reached out and aided the Jews were the Kurdish people. Many Kurds even risked their lives to help Jews escape across the Turkish border on their way to Israel. And the Kurdish...

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