Who Will Speak Out For Those Abused By ISIS?

Christian women begin to take action and raise awareness of the rampant sexual slavery in ISIS-controlled areas

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A group of Christian women has put together a short video (see below) pleading with all able and willing to speak out and act on behalf of the thousands of Muslim, Christian and Yazidi women and girls being sexually abused, tortured and killed by ISIS.

The organizer of the group reached out to Israel Today after seeing our recent report about a young Christian girl whose family had fled from ISIS-controlled Syria and is now living as beggars in Turkey.

She said it was reports like this that had prompted her group to take action.

“We felt that more attention needed to be drawn to the plight of these women, many of whom are very young,” she wrote. “Our hope is that the eyes of many around the world will be opened to this particular atrocity, and that with this realization, people will speak up for these women.”

It would seem obvious that such a situation would garner more attention, but the world media, at least, seems more interested in minor scuffles between Israeli soldiers and prolific “Pallywood” rioters.

See the video:

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