Without God Israel Would Be Even More Dangerous Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Without God Israel Would Be Even More Dangerous

God chose the children of Israel, although they are an impudent and insolent people


Without God one of my closest friends would probably be one of the greatest crooks in the nation. We have always been of this opinion, and we have also often told him as much, for without God’s love and guidance, he didn’t accept any boundaries. Even when we were still young and unmarried, we often joked about it. “His choice, to follow God and Jesus, keeps his life inside the boundaries,” he says today of himself. Without Jesus’ discipleship, he would certainly have already broken just about every law possible and hurt countless people around him.

Following God has been of benefit not only to my friend. God, too, profited because this man’s talents and charm became tools to glorify the Name of the Lord. Without God it is certain that my friend would be living out the evil side of human nature. And thus we understand that God likewise profits from His covenant with those whom He has chosen.

Why do I bring all this up? Recently someone drew my attention to a Jewish midrash, according...


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