MembersYanki Farber, a New Kind of Orthodox Jew

Yanki Farber (38) represents a new generation of Orthodox Jewish journalists who are not afraid to cover every aspect of life in this closed community.

By Tsvi Sadan |
Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

For the last five years, he’s been writing for the Israeli Orthodox news portal Behadrei Haredim, itself an anomaly for a community that’s typically wary of exposure.

Clean shaved and wearing a baseball cap in place of the traditional kippa, Farber is not your typical Orthodox Jew. He didn’t study at yeshiva, he did serve in the army and he is not afraid to shine a light on the taboo issues of the Orthodox community.


Many Israelis view the Orthodox as welfare leeches who refuse to serve in the army or otherwise contribute to society. Why this poor image?

Farber: Things are changing now, but up until a decade or so ago, the Orthodox didn’t care about what others thought of them. They live in a ghetto, and they carry this mentality wherever they go.


And what about the ever-present strife over Orthodox military conscription?

The Orthodox believe that the study of Torah protects Israel more effectively than military strength. They are also afraid that the army will...

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