EXCLUSIVE: What Do Israelis Think of Jesus?
It's a common question asked by our readers. So Israel Today went out and surveyed a representative sampling of Israelis to find out: Do you love Jesus?
Evangelical Christian attend the Feast of Tabernacles event organized by the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.
Are Christian Missionaries Keeping Israelis From Believing in Jesus?
The impact of Christian missionary efforts coming to the land of the Jews can't be overstated. But is it effective? My Israeli friends tell me 'NO!'
What Do Israeli Schools Teach About Jesus?
Do Jewish Israeli schoolchildren learn about the most famous Jew to ever exist? And if so, is he presented as a messiah, a simple Jew, or a fraud?
The Jews Who Followed James, Brother of Jesus
An in-depth look at the early and varied “Jewish-Christian” movements that later died out, only to give birth in our days to Messianic Judaism
"Jesus Is One of Us"
Even if it is suppressed into the subconscious of many, Jesus belongs to the Jewish family. This is self evident in Israel today
Why Jews Do Not Believe Jesus Was the Messiah
Jews today openly accept Jesus as a fellow Jew, but still have trouble with his followers’ claim to messiahship, let alone worshipping him as ‘God’
Messianic Tallit
Messianic Tallit
A Jewish Tallit with Scripture verses and the Messianic Seal.
Guiding God’s Land – An Introduction
Israel is not only the Land and the People of the Bible Past. It is just as much the Land and the People of the Bible both Present and Future
Who are the Israeli Messianic Jesus-Believers?
Is the term Messianic Jews a problematic nomenclature that even many local believers in Jesus would like to replace?
Chabad disciples claim their last spiritual leader will return soon as Messiah.
Chabad and the Rise of Jewish Missionaries
Chabad is a very active movement within Judaism, and works tirelessly to strengthen religious faith among young Israeli Jews