MembersWhat Do Israeli Schools Teach About Jesus?

Do Jewish Israeli schoolchildren learn about the most famous Jew to ever exist? And if so, is he presented as a messiah, a simple Jew, or a fraud?

By Oriel Moran | | Topics: Jesus
Photo: Chen Leopold/Flash90

When I was in middle school in Israel, we began learning in history class about the person of Jesus, or as most Israelis call him, Yeshu, a shortened and derogatory version of His full name, Yeshua.

Being one of the only secret Messianic Jews in my grade and entire middle school, I felt pressure to be an example, to defend his name. I knew the general consensus was that Jesus was an important man who changed the face of history and a Messiah figure in the world.

The teacher began by giving a brief overview of Jesus’ life, from the virgin birth to his crucifixion, and it was strange. How someone could speak so confidently about a person they didn’t know and come to such wrong conclusions was beyond me. I dare say that I was even somewhat offended.

He wasn’t a ‘Jewish man who led the Jews astray’ – He was a living being with whom I had a very personal and close relationship. I don’t remember if I ever stood up...

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