About Israel Today

Israel Today is a Jerusalem-based news agency providing objective Jewish and New Testament perspectives on local news. Israel Today was founded in 1978, when it began publishing a monthly German news magazine. The English language edition of Israel Today was launched in January 1999 in order to meet a growing demand for news from Israel to the English-speaking market. Since then, Israel Today added editions in Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian and Chinese. Israel Today maintains a diverse staff of local journalists who live in the Land and therefore report from firsthand experience, offering a mix of information, interviews, inspiration and daily life in Israel. ISRAEL TODAY’S MISSION is to be the definitive source for truthful, balanced, biblical news perspectives on Israel; and to provide timely news directly from Jerusalem – the focus of world attention. This is especially important in these times when we see prophetic events unfolding before our eyes. Israel Today has subscribers in more than 80 countries! Our readers are bound together by a common interest in and love for Israel – the Land and People of the Book. We believe that the existence of the State of Israel is a fulfilment of prophecy and a plumb line for the purposes of God for these times. Israel Today supplies an updated ONLINE NEWS SERVICE to its audiences, featuring the latest multimedia technologies. We offer live, participatory video-streaming members’ events in addition to searchable archives of exclusive features and headline news updated continuously throughout the day. Among the sections in Israel Today ’s Online Digital Magazine/ News Service Website are: Conflict, Faith, Middle East, Culture, Jewish World and more. We invite you to visit our Digital Newsroom regularly. Gain full access to ALL content and members’ events, plus help support our mission, by purchasing a subscription membership. We also encourage you to help ACT for Zion’s sake and buy our Israeli SHOP products.