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This is a national emergency situation. We urge you to take part in this national effort. For us this is a matter of life and death. Your partnership is more important than ever before!” Orly Ariela, CEO of the Friends of MDA told Israel Today.

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What is MDA doing?

The spread of the Coronavirus has forced hundreds of thousands of Israelis into isolation requiring MDA to immediately expand its response capabilities. “Not only are we rushing victims to the hospitals, MDA is also caring for those who require medical assistance at the home such as the elderly and patients in quarantine,” Orly told Israel Today.

MDA is now launching a national emergency plan aimed at providing medical care for every Israeli man woman and child. The number of calls to the MDA hotline is reaching 100,000 calls a day! Many of these are elderly people requiring emergency medical care at home. This is a whole new challenge and uncharted territory for Israel’s emergency services who are now increasing staff with appropriate equipment as MDA stands on the frontlines caring for the citizens of Israel.

A plea for your support

“Israeli citizens need us today more than ever, and your partnership allows us to meet the difficult task forced upon me. We ask for your help and partnership in donations so that we can meet these needs. We thank you for your support,” Orly told Israel Today.

How can you help?

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