2 Ukrainians, Arab Christian Among Dead as Israel Terror Wave Grows

11 people have been killed in just eight days as Palestinian and Israeli Arab terrorists go on the offensive

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Terrorism
A body is carried away from the scene of the terror attack in Bnei Barak on Tuesday night.
A body is carried away from the scene of the attack in Bnei Barak on Tuesday night. Photo: Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Bnei Barak is known as a bastion of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, but among the five people killed there in Tuesday night’s terrorist shooting were three non-Jews, including two foreign workers from Ukraine and a Christian Arab.

The other two fatalities were local ultra-Orthodox Jewish men, both fathers, who leave behind a combined six young children.

The shooter was a young Palestinian man from the area of Jenin in northern Samaria. Security camera footage showed him arriving on a busy street in Bnei Barak and calmly beginning to open fire on anyone who crossed his path.

The Christian Arab who died in the attack was Amir Khoury, the police officer who put an end to the slaughter by killing the terrorist. Khoury was later honored by Israel’s Chief of Police for sacrificing himself in defense of the nation.

The two Ukrainians who died were described as young foreign workers. They have at this time not been formally identified. It is not clear whether they were refugees from the current war in Ukraine, or had come here prior to Russia’s invasion of their country.

Wave of terror

The Bnei Barak shooting comes just days after two Israeli Arab terrorists opened fire in Hadera in central Israel, killing two young Border Police officers who were responding to the attack.

And that shooting came just days after an Israeli Arab Bedouin man stabbed and killed four Israelis in the southern town of Beersheva.

That’s 11 dead in just eight days. For many Israelis, the fear of turning on the nightly news broadcast only to be confronted by reports of yet another attack is eerily reminiscent of the Second Intifada, when terrorist incidents became a common, almost daily occurrence.

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