6000 Riot on Gaza Border

Palestinian mob violence intensifies as America tries to offer financial incentives for peace

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Gaza
Photo: Hassan Jedi/Flash90

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) prevented thousands of angry rioters from pouring into Israel from the Gaza Strip on Friday. According to a report in Hamodia, over 6,000 Arabs participated in the insurgence, lighting fires and throwing firebombs and hand grenades at the Israeli soldiers who were trying to calm the situation.

IDF soldiers responded with rubber bullets and tear gas to hold back the mob from breaking down the fence and entering Israel. Israeli news reported that 10 Arabs were injured in the riots. Russia’s RT News retweeted a Palestinian report that 79 Gazans were injured.

Since March 30 this year, tens of thousands of rioters in Gaza have attacked Israeli soldiers along the security fence border with Israel. Terrorists have also infiltrated into Israel during the riots and placed bombs on civilian roads along the border perimeter.

Riots over the weekend occurred just as the US published the long-awaited financial portion of the “Deal of the Century” peace proposal designed to improve the life of Gazans and all Palestinians living Judea and Samaria.

The Palestinian leadership have already rejected the proposal before it was published. Hamas spokesman Abdul Latif al-Qanua said in a statement on the latest Gaza uprising: “The Palestinian masses, taking to streets just before the US-led conference in Manama, are conveying to the participants that Palestine is not an economic issue, but a movement to liberate the land (all of Israel) from the occupation, and to ensure the return of our people to their home.”

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