A Behind-the-Scenes Peak at the Knesset Flash90

A Behind-the-Scenes Peak at the Knesset

An exclusive Israel Today interview with Sagit Afik – mother of four and legal advisor to the Israeli Knesset

by Anat Schneider & Esti Eliraz

Esti and I went to the Knesset together to interview the new legal adviser, Mrs. Sagit Afik, who is also a friend of mine (Anat’s). The Knesset, as most of our readers will know, is the Israeli national parliament.

It was the eve of Israel’s Memorial Day, and the day before Independence Day. The Knesset welcomed us with a patriotic display of flags. In Sagit’s office was a huge picture of an Israel Air Force squadron and yet another Israeli flag next to it. The picture symbolized more than anything that the sky is the limit for women in Israel.

Unlike the legal advisor for the ruling coalition, who mainly deals with the interests of the executive branch of the government, Sagit’s role protects the interests of the Knesset and all 120 elected members (MKs).

Our hearts were captivated by her stories, personality and vision.

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