MembersA Jewish State Based on Jewish Traditions? Who Needs It?

Want to understand the spiritual climate of the State of Israel? This interview with Leah Aharoni is a must read.

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Judaism, Faith
In centuries past there was a Sanhedrin that oversaw all aspects of Jewish life in the Land of Israel. Some Jewish groups would like to reestablish something similar in the modern Jewish state. Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

The idea of a “Jewish State” is unique in the world. Modern democracies insist on separating “state and church,” so why does Israel insist on a “Jewish Democracy”? Do religious Jews want to impose Jewish laws like kashrut and the Shabbat on its citizens, similar to Islamic Sharia law? Is there a place for a “Jewish State” in the civilized world that emphasizes freedoms without religious interference?

In this fascinating interview with Israel Today, Leah Aharoni, an Orthodox Jew and co-founder of “Women for the Wall” explains why a Jewish State is important not only for Israel, but for Christians too.

Pay attention here, for there are crucial lessons for Christians who find themselves battling the same culture war in their own modern democracies.

Religion and democracy are often seen as opposing forces. On the one hand, a system of religion like Sharia law is binding on the individual and does not allow for individual freedoms. On the other hand, modern democracies believe in “freedom” to do whatever you please...

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2 responses to “A Jewish State Based on Jewish Traditions? Who Needs It?”

  1. Susan says:

    If the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is still the God of Israel, it’s time to quit tripping over your intellect and honor Him. Israel belongs to Him. Follow His laws and quit trying to modernize His will. He already set the boundaries, physically and spiritually. You can’t vote in another god. Accept the unchanging God and His Word. It may not be popular, but choose this day whom you will serve. Only One opinion counts and It is Written!

  2. Paul Robbins says:

    I appreciate Leah’s thorough depiction of the dangerous divide in Israel today. Among the Jews, varied perspectives are a given. What was not expected was that in the process of returning some of us began reading the New Testament without any coaxing and coming up with the unexpected–Yeshua is the long-awaited Messiah.
    In the beginning, it was no big deal, but as our voices began to be heard, the playing field changed and we could no longer be considered Jews. Funny because many if not most of us had no interest in being Jews until we met Yeshua. Now they want us to keep quiet or leave, which is the mirror image of what the established church did for centuries to all Jews. If we don’t all have a voice in who a Jew is, how can we decide what a Jewish state is or what Israel is?

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