MembersA Sheikh Speaks Out on Love and Peace

“We’ve tried war, death and blood. All unsuccessful. So, for a change, let’s just try love! Let’s try looking for true peace!”

By Aviel Schneider |
Photo: Sheikh Jaber

The basic philosophy of the Palestinian cause is hatred of the Jews, and this is particularly true among the younger generation. Their reasoning is that Israel stole the Land from them. And any means is regarded as legitimate if it serves to liberate the Land from the hands of the Zionists. This hatred is promoted in the Palestinian media, schools and mosques. And yet, many Palestinians have never personally met an Israeli. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Sheikh Mahmoud Jaber is but one example of someone who used to hate Jews, but today is advocating love and peace.

“When I was young, I wanted to massacre the Jews,” Sheikh Mahmoud Jaber (49) revealed in a candid interview with Israel Today. “This is how we were raised. There was no other choice but to hate Jews.” When Jaber observes Palestinian children today, it reminds him of his own childhood. As a teenager, he and a friend planned a terrorist attack. They wanted to blow up a car at the entrance to an Israeli military base. But, as...

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