A Sinking Ship Whose Skipper Might Become Prime Minister Tal Shahar/POOL

A Sinking Ship Whose Skipper Might Become Prime Minister

Who will be the next prime minister of Israel? Right now it’s looking more and more that the once promising unity government is lost at sea.


Blue and White MK Miki Haimovich was twice noticed taking part in anti-Bibi demonstrations. Whether she understands it or not, as a member of the government’s coalition, Haimovich is demonstrating against herself. This anomaly of an opposition within the coalition, of Blue and White MKs and Ministers encouraging Israelis to participate in anti-Bibi demonstrations, is absurd. If the “opposition” is in the coalition, with friends like that, who needs enemies?


Absurdity explained

Blue and White, the party that won 33 seats in the last election, as opposed to Netanyahu’s Likud with 36, was presented as a shining promise to topple Bibi and the Right. This center-left political bloc that consisted of Yesh Atid headed by Yair Lapid, Telem led by Moshe Yaalon, and Resilience for Israel with Beni Gantz at the helm, was one step away from building a coalition and forming a government.