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A Word on Who and What We Are

We are all human and none of us are perfect

Every now and then I feel the need to remind our readers that Israel Today has never made any commitment to please any audience. First and foremost, we pledge to provide trustworthy reports from our journalists, most of whom live in Israel. This means that our writers are not expected to work within a particular framework that creates a monochrome picture of Israel. Even if we have different opinions in the editorial team (and it’s is great that we do!), we follow a clear direction in faith.

Rather, instead of uniformity, we welcome the diversity of opinions, which can sometimes be in direct conflict with one another. Those who write for Israel Today vary widely in their beliefs, worldviews and political affiliations. Instead of uniformity that appeals to a specific readership, we bring a variety of opinions, with one caveat: Israel Today is a Zionist editorial team. We will not give space to those who defame Israel in any way. Here we draw a clear line. As a reminder, Israel is a mixed people, just as they were when God redeemed them from Egypt, and so they are in their return to the homeland in our day.

Of course, diversity must not impact quality. Israel Today will continue to strive to provide reports and opinions that add significantly to our readers’ knowledge of Israel and the Jewish world. And in this, Israel Today stands out from almost all other news outlets because our editorial team is made up of people who believe that the Bible today still speaks to us in different ways and, with due caution, can shed light on some of the things that are happening in Israel.

Due caution, dear readers, means that we do not believe that our interpretations of events will always be flawless. Due caution also means that our readers’ opinions are not flawless. We at Israel Today think that no one, neither we as authors nor the readers, should assume that their opinion comes from above and is therefore undisputable. Our editors understand that their opinions are just their opinions. And although they believe that their opinions offer some added value, they would not assume them to be incontestable, as if anyone who disagrees with them is wrong.

My sincere hope is that our readers will be gracious enough to our writers and editors, whose opinions may differ from theirs. We are all human and none of us are perfect. We aren’t looking to provoke, nor do we want to irritate anyone. All we want to achieve is to offer you the best coverage, as we see and understand it from our point of view. And this so that you can enjoy a representation of the events in the Land that enriches you, while not suppressing legitimate debate.


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