Everyone in Israel talks about abundance, and I presume that they would like to be blessed with it.

Photo: Israel Today

What is abundance? It is usually associated with more than enough! There is an abundance of love, of fulfillment, of creativity, freedom, a good marriage and fertility. An abundance of wisdom, generosity and giving. There is also economic success and money (no, money is not a dirty word), but this is only one aspect of abundance.


Two words sum up all forms of abundance: “There is.” Abundance is a state of being, a state of mind, long before it is tangible. First and foremost, it is the state of acknowledgment in which I say thank you for what I have. Look within yourself, check what you can be thankful for and say, “Thank you” out loud so you can hear yourself acknowledge what you have.


Many people deny themselves abundance simply because of feelings of guilt and a lack of self-esteem, emotional mechanisms we have developed over time. People who live in abundance appreciate what...

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