MembersANALYSIS: Latest Developments in Iranian Nuclear Dossier Bring Israeli Strike Closer

What’s going on with Iran and is Israel’s military up to the daunting task of stopping Iran from making a nuclear weapon?

By Yochanan Visser |
Israeli F-15 during the "Blue Flag", an international aerial training exercise at the Ovda air force base, Southern Israel, October 24, 2021. Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

As Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin the situation in Syria and the problems with Iran, the International Atom Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna announced that the monitoring of Iran’s nuclear program is “no longer intact.”

IAEA head Rafael Grossi said this doesn’t mean that Iran has completely stonewalled inspections by the UN nuclear watchdog, but that the Islamic Republic makes it impossible to get the full picture of what exactly is happening with its nuclear program.

Iran refuses, for example, to give the IAEA access to a key nuclear plant in Karaj after the facility was targeted by a small drone in June this year.

“It hasn’t paralyzed what we are doing there, but the damage has been done, with a potential of us not being able to reconstruct the picture, the jigsaw puzzle,” Grossi told the American news outlet NBC. He added that “if and when the JCPOA (nuclear deal with Iran) will be restarted, I know that for the JCPOA partners to go back to an agreement, they will have...

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