Anti-Israel Fanatics Will Literally Try Anything to Discredit the Jewish State

Viral Twitter post demonstrates the ludicrous depths to which anti-Zionists have sunk in their campaign of lies.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: BDS
It seems to require a certain lack of common sense to be truly anti-Israel.
It seems to require a certain lack of common sense to be truly anti-Israel. Photo: Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

Facts and truth are no longer the criteria for deciding one’s position on an issue in today’s soundbite-addicted society.

In certain crowds, it’s possible to say just about anything, so long as it fits the prevailing narrative, and everyone will gobble it up.

No fact-checking or even rational thought necessary.

Nowhere has the situation gotten quite so bad as in the anti-Israel movement.

Demonstrating the ludicrous depths to which these people have sunk was a viral Twitter thread highlighted earlier this week.

Kicking it off was a Twitter user who’s so dedicated to social justice that he/she put “Free Palestine” in their profile name. This person went on to point out that “Israeli passports literally have an ID number so every citizen is numbered. Like it’s not even subtle.”

Anyone with at least two brain cells who read the post might’ve initially thought, “What’s not even subtle?”

Everyone’s passport, everywhere in the world, has an identification number.

But that indisputable fact didn’t stop one particular genius who responded from stating: “Reminds me of something… It’s almost like Zionists actively collaborated with Nazis upon Israel’s founding.”

To recap, according to these people, Israel is a Nazi entity and the proof is that it assigns identification numbers to its citizens, specifically in their passports.

Never mind that every country numbers their passports, or that most issue personal identification numbers, too.

Only Israel is a Nazi country for doing so.

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