Anti-Trump Tel Aviv Rally Fails to Materialize

Just 20 people show up as Israeli liberals try, unsuccessfully, to say their nation rejects ‘President Trump’

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Liberal Israelis were desperate to join their American counterparts in mass protest of Donald Trump’s election to the US presidency. But they just couldn’t seem to find the numbers.

An anti-Trump demonstration was scheduled for last Friday in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. A mere 20 people showed up.

It was more an oddity than a political rally.

Passersby scoffed at the handful of protestors and their paranoia over Trump’s victory.

But at least, as the Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported, the Tel Aviv event was peaceful, unlike the many anti-Trump rallies in the US that have become orgies of violence and destruction.

Meanwhile, a majority of Israelis remain pleased with Trump’s surprise victory, and are certain he will put an end to ineffective and naive US policies vis-a-vis the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and other Middle East crises.

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