Arab Media Slams Palestinians as “Ungrateful”

“Enough is enough! Let the foolish fend for themselves.”

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Abraham Accords, palestinians, arab press
Angry Palestinian protestors burn images of former US President Donald Trump and the monarchs of the Gulf States for making peace with Israel. Photo: EPA-EFE/ABED AL HASHLAMOUN

In a recent editorial for the English-language newspaper Arab Times, Editor-in-Chief Ahmed Al-Jarallah described what people in the Gulf States think of the Palestinians.

Under the headline “Normalize, Let Insulters Fend for Themselves” the Kuwaiti journalist explains why he and so many others are fed up with the Palestinians. And voices like theirs are getting louder and louder in the Arab world in recent years. They confirm in a way what Israel has been saying for years, that the Palestinian conflict is no longer the primary Arab interest in the Middle East. And this angers the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah and Gaza.

Al-Jarallah begins by reminding the Palestinians of some of what the Gulf States have done for them over the years:

“We are the only ones who rescued them in the year 1970 when they launched their war on Jordan. The late Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah evacuated their leader Yasser Arafat from Amman. The Arabian Gulf states, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, boycotted oil export to the Western countries during the 1973 war [Yom Kippur War against Israel].

“Furthermore, Riyadh presented two initiatives to solve the issue. Despite their [Palestinians’] support of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and their participation in acts of intimidation, abuse and killing against Kuwaiti citizens, the Gulf nationals especially Kuwaitis continued to support the Palestinians and their resistance factions.

“All of this is just the tip of the iceberg of what the Gulf states and their people offered to the Palestinians, who were and still are ungrateful.”

What’s got Al-Jarallah and others in the Gulf States upset is that the Palestinians continue to take the wrong side. Thirty years ago it was Saddam Hussein. Today, the Palestinians are cozying up to Iran’s ayatollahs, even as they in turn threaten the rest of the Arab world.

“They stood with the Iranian Houthi aggressor against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. They slandered and cursed the leaders and governments of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries because they did not mourn the assassination of the head of the terrorist snake Qasem Soleimani,” continued the Kuwaiti editor, noting that the insults slung by the Palestinians at Gulf State leaders are even more venomous than those they hurl at Israel.

So what’s the solution he suggests? First of all he suggests that the Gulf States cut all financial support for the Palestinians, and stop offering to rebuild ever time Hamas starts a war with Israel. “Let them rebuild what they destroy by their own acts.”

Furthermore, he wants to see Kuwait and the rest of the Gulf States follow the example of the UAE and Bahrain by making peace and normalizing relations with Israel.

As for the Palestinians: “Enough is enough! The camel’s back has been broken from the burden of grief we endure due to their ingratitude. …Let the foolish fend for themselves.”

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