Arab MK Aimed Slingshot at Mike Pence When He Addressed Knesset

Arab members of Israel’s Knesset not only insulted Pence when he spoke, one actually threatened violence

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This is the type of thing that'll get you thrown in jail real fast in America.

But here, in Israel, it's the kind of nonsense that hostile Arab members of Knesset get away with on a routine basis, even as they moan about perceived racial discrimination.

By now, everyone's aware that at the start of US Vice President Mike Pence's address to the Knesset last week, all members of the Joint Arab List party stood in protest holding signs insisting that Jerusalem is the capital of a fictional Palestinian state.

But just before that little stunt, it seems that the party's most outspoken member, MK Hanin Zoabi, pulled a little stunt of her own, one that should see her investigated and removed from the halls of power.

In the photo below, Zoabi appears to be aiming a slingshot at Pence just as he takes the podium.

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