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By Israel Today Staff |

When Scientists Ignore Science

Ignoring mountains of available scientific evidence (both biological and archaeological), a leading Palestinian Arab scientist has declared that the Jews have no genetic connection to the Land of Israel.

What it means to be a Jew is a bit difficult for many in modern society to wrap their heads around, because it harkens back to the way things worked thousands of years ago, when nearly every nation had its own “state religion.”

Jews are one of the few people groups left for whom their religion, national identity and ethnicity are all intertwined.

Palestinian biologist Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh, founder of the first Palestinian Museum of Natural History, in Bethlehem, seeks to play on the West’s ignorance of this phenomenon. Qumsiyeh hopes to convince his audience that Jews, like members of any other religion, have no particular ethnicity, and therefore no specific claim to any particular land.

In a lecture posted online by the Jerusalem Fund & Palestine Center, Qumsiyeh taught:

“The connection of the Jews to Palestine is...

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