MembersAre Europe’s Gypsies the Lost Tribe of Simeon?

Where are the Lost Tribes of Israel?

By Ryan Jones |
Photo: Anna Kaplan / Flash90

Most people have simply accepted that all but the tribes of Judah and Benjamin are, indeed, lost, having long ago been assimilated into other people groups, like so many other conquered nations throughout history. Others insist that the 10 tribes deported from the Holy Land by the Assyrians millennia ago can, and must, be found.

Several people groups claiming to be these tribes have emerged since Israel’s rebirth 70 years ago, the most recognizable being the Bnei Menashe (Sons of Manasseh) in India. Israeli researcher Samuel Abukaya believes he’s found another, the Tribe of Simeon, in the gypsy peoples scattered across Europe and other parts of the world.

Born in France to a largely assimilated Jewish family, Abukaya had little interest in Judaism growing up. But when he was later confronted with the truth of the Bible, he moved to Israel to more deeply study its mysteries. However, he told Israel Today, studying via the traditional Orthodox channels only resulted in “more unanswered questions than answers. I had a growing hunger to understand passages that nobody seemed able or willing...

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