MembersAs a Matter of Fact: Israel is Undergoing an Alarming Paradigm Shift

Israel is rapidly becoming a progressive democracy that if realized will be anything but democratic, and certainly not Jewish

Some want Israel to be just like every other pluralistic, progressive country. But is that her biblical calling? Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

I have come to view some of my articles in recent months not so much as criticism of Israel as they are records of a paradigm shift showing how Israel is transforming from a Jewish democratic state into a progressive democratic state that is inherently anti-Zionist and even anti-Jewish. As one who is closely monitoring Israeli society, I watch dramatic changes happening right before my eyes. The present government demonstrates not only the magnitude of these changes, some of which were at work for decades, but also how quickly radical changes can be implemented.

These changes, to be clear, are not a matter of opinion, but of fact. Two weeks ago a group of us met Deputy Defense Minister Alon Schuster. For me, Schuster is more than just another politician. We were made from the same mold, so to speak. We are about the same age. We grew up in the kibbutzim of Sha’ar HaNegev. We share the same ideological background. We were raised in the same parochial culture. We were at the same preliminary and high schools, and we...

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