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MembersAt the End of the Day, It’s All About Jerusalem

Israel defends the walls of Jerusalem, for this is Israel’s duty and mission

Photo: Edi Israel/Flash90

Photo: The Gaza conflict in one image – Israel’s Iron Dome protects its citizens like a shield from the missiles of its enemies.

You can twist and turn it however you want, in the end everything revolves around Jerusalem. Israel was reminded of this once again this year in the light of the rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. The young startup nation may be showered with praise for enriching humanity in terms of science, technology and belief. But everything stands or falls with the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Both Jews and Muslims are aware of this, each from their own point of view, be it based on the Bible or the Koran. A majority in the so-called Christian West, on the other hand, does not have such a clear understanding of the role of Jerusalem.

The biblical terms “burdensome stone” and “stumbling block” are more relevant today than ever. Israel is reminded every few years how agitated the nations become over the issue of Jerusalem. Again and again Israel is drawn into unrest and wars. And yet,...

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