MembersBenjamin Netanyahu is Good for the Arabs

No other Israeli leader commands the same respect, or has managed to bring Israel and the Arabs closer together

By Edy Cohen | | Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu has the respect of the Arabs.
Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Once again, for the third time this year, Israel’s elections have resulted in a deadlock. Consequently, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unable to form a stable governing coalition which, unfortunately, harms Israel’s normalization efforts with the Arab world.

Certainly, Netanyahu isn’t highly admired among the Arab population in Israel or in the eyes of the Arab members of Knesset. This can be explained by a number of factors including Netanyahu’s hard stances vis-à-vis the Palestinians, his intentions to annex specific areas of Judea and Samaria, and other insults to the Arab community such as his request to install cameras in predominantly Arab voting stations in the second round of elections.

However, Bibi is well-respected among much of the world’s Arab leaders, especially in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding Gulf states. 


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