MembersBeyond the Veil

How a young Jewish believer in Jesus found her unique, and uneasy place in the Jewish state

Messianic Jews are uniquely positioned to life the veil from their people's eyes.
Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Marina came to our Messianic Jewish Home Group crying. Her Ulpan (Hebrew language) teacher had insisted, “You are not Jewish!,” after Marina had shared with the class that she believed Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah of Israel. This 17-year-old cried because her whole life she had waited to come to Israel. Back in Russia, her family had lived as Jews, and some had died because they were Jews.

Many of Marina’s family had already come home to Israel. They came because they were persecuted for being Jewish, and wanted to live as Jews, among Jews, in their own homeland. They raised their children with an appreciation of their Jewish heritage and instilled in them a desire to return to the Land of their Fathers.

Yet now that she was here, Marina was unprepared to be called a “Goy” (Gentile stranger) by those she loved and so longed to be with. Here she was, the best student in her Hebrew class, learning the songs and traditions and gaining an even deeper appreciation for her Jewish heritage,...

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