MembersBoycott Makes Inroads in Europe

Stickers have been found on Israeli potatoes in a Coop supermarket in Geneva calling for a boycott of products from the Jewish state.

By Dov Eilon |

The management of Coop, the second largest grocery chain in Switzerland, quickly dissociated itself from the sanctions, saying it fell victim to an anti-Israel campaign.

Israeli potatoes are popular in Switzerland; between 2008 and 2013, they made up 60 percent of potato imports. Israel Today talked with Gabriel Bensimon, sales manager of Biscotte, one of the largest vegetable producers in Switzerland, about the boycott threat.


Israel Today: What can you tell us about agricultural products from Israel?

Bensimon: Until recently, there has been a great demand for Israeli products, especially fruits and vegetables when they are out of season here. The produce from Israel would always arrive at the right time for the Swiss consumer and the quality is excellent.

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