Good Morning, Israel: Buttered Side Down

I knew you simply couldn’t get some things in Israel, but when the butter disappeared, I had to wonder…

By Judith Jeries |
Israel's butter shortage took me by surprise.
Photo: Flash90

Boker Tov dear reader,

For a few months now I have been wondering why this nice, blue-labeled butter seems to be sold out in my favorite supermarket whenever I need some. I never paid much attention to this issue. 

I am already used to the fact that sometimes I simply cannot buy everything I want or need in Israel. If a product is missing (the one that I urgently need that very day), it’s most probably because the supermarket’s employees have neglected to reorder stuff, or they simply haven’t had the time to stock things up yet. 

I used to get upset, but not anymore.

Yesterday, my son asked me: “Have you heard about the butter shortage in Israel?” 

I replied: “No?” 

And then it dawned on me. I hadn’t heard about it, but had felt it first-hand. For months now, I have had to buy Finish butter that is three times more expensive, but only half as tasty! 

We often take things as they are without wasting too much thought on the matter. Even though I had wondered what it must cost to ship the butter from Finland to Israel. If those climate activists only knew…


Israeli butter in Canada?!

Searching the Internet, I found some interesting information. Our butter can be found in Canada! No joke, an Israeli recently tweeted that she found Tnuva butter (yes, the blue one) in a Canadian supermarket for 97 cents. That’s so much cheap than here, and it’s simply not fair. I pay more than 10 shekels for my butter (that’s about $3). A German reporter even said he saw prices up to 10 dollars.

Nobody knows the reason for the butter shortage. There are several different theories. Even our ongoing Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon pretends to have no clue. But we will keep an eye on this issue and dig a little deeper. 

I have talked with my mother-in-law about making butter. She says it’s not that hard, and just requires time and effort. Her mom used to make it herself, in the good old days.

From the entire Israel Today editorial team, I wish you a wonderful Thursday.

Shalom from the Galilee!


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