MembersCan a Christian Find Hope in the Holy Land?

Two years ago, we interviewed a group of Christian surfers from America who had made a groundbreaking film about what Israel means to them and their faith.

By Ryan Jones |
Photo: Todd Morehead

While traveling the region to make Promised Land, they became intimately familiar with the conflict that pervades the modern Jewish state. Now, these Christian surfers are working on a new documentary, Hope In The Holy Land: Delving Beneath The Surface Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, highlighting their views on how Christians need to see and engage with this conflict in the context of our faith and Israel’s biblical destiny.

In talking with co-producer Todd Morehead, Israel Today’s Ryan Jones concluded that it is, indeed, possible for Christians from abroad to gain a genuine and deep understanding of the situation, but that most simply lack reliable information.

Israel Today: Why did you feel the need for a second film following Promised Land?

Todd Morehead: I became more aware of the growing anti-Zionist sentiment within the Evangelical Christian community. After watching With God On Our Side [a Christian film that attacks Christian support for Israel], we felt the need to make a movie that provided a more balanced perspective. We believe Christians are being fed...

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