MembersCan Israel Stop the Christian Gospel?

What happened when Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu was faced with rising evangelism, and where do Messianic Jews fit in?

Israel has tried many things to curb the spread of the Gospel in the Jewish state
Photo: Doron Horowitz/FLASH90

Christian attempts to convert Jews to Christ have increased dramatically over the past few years. One result of this is that recently a Christian missionary was arrested in Israel.

How does Israel deal with this surge in Christians coming from around the world to bring “salvation” to the Jews? Here is an inside look at the politics, policies and players in Israel and the Christian mission to the Jews.



In order to understand the latest efforts against Christian evangelists in Israel we must consider the history of modern missions to the Jewish state. Already in 1821 American Evangelicals came to this land spreading the Gospel among the Jewish immigrants arriving from Lithuania under the guidance of Elijah Zalman, the Gaon (genius) of Vilna. Other missionaries soon followed from Germany, Finland, Russia and England, all hoping to find willing converts amongst the struggling Jewish immigrants.

These early Christian missionaries coming from both Catholic and Protestant traditions experienced success converting many local Arabs to their...

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