Can the Arab world handle coronavirus? EPA-EFE/AHMED JALIL

Can the Arab World Deal With Corona?

Images of dead people in the streets or nighttime burials are going viral on Arabic social networks.


The coronavirus epidemic caught the Western world unprepared to cope with the deadly virus strain in spite of all the technology and advances available in these countries. What about Iran and the Arab world? How are they coping? These dictatorial states know how to control their populations and suppress both information and unrest, but have no idea how to fight against an invisible virus.

Just as Italy is the source of much of the spread of the virus in the Western world, most of the Arab world has been infected via Iran. Almost all of the cases in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon originate with Iran, and the authorities there have no idea how to contain the epidemic. Iran has dealt with earthquakes, wars and revolutions, but is finding it impossible to cope with the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

Arab nations and corona

Pictures and videos of dead people on the streets or night-time burials are going viral on Arabic social networks.